Dear Students,

Now you are going to start an important phase of your education. After your education, you would take on responsibilities of practical life in society, which has, unfortunately, fallen victim to moral, economic and social deterioration. On account of this withering social demote, you may be faced with serious challenges during your practical life.

Therefore, you need to put your heart and soul into your studies to ensure your smooth and problems free progress. Your special attention to your studies & accomplishment is required for one more reason also. The world is making progress in an explosive manner, in the present, the total body of knowledge gets changed in a period of only ten years. Further, nature of jobs is changing rapidly. Perhaps in the next few years, many new professions & jobs will take the place of traditional ones. So to keep pace with this much speed world, you should put yourselves on the high alert night now.

Remember, your country not only expects of your individual success but also a reasonable contribution to the revival of your society. In simple words, first, you are expected to set right the things, which are, at the moment, out of joints and then present enviable standards of perfection in your respective fields so that coming generations can follow you with a sense of pride.

To prepare you for a role, in addition to your professional success, we wish you best of luck.